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Soft Dart Events


School Activity Days offer two options using "soft darts"  - NERFS


We have a target zone specifically designed for use with soft darts and NERF guns. This can be rented for an event where you run the activity or it can be hired with staff to organise the activity. It can be used indoors or outdoors  (Weather restrictions can apply)


We can supply NERF guns or participants can be encouraged to bring their own weapons to use on the shooting range

nerf strongarm.jpg
Nerf indoors after Laser Tag
Air juggler
Nerf Target Range

The second option using inflatable barricades is to create an indoor game zone for "Nerf Battles". This can be in a medium/large room or a sports hall. We can supply the Nerf guns or players can be encouraged to bring their own Nerf weapons to the event.


We can supply staff to run an event or another option is to hire the equipment and you organise the activity.


Soft Darts can be supplied for either activity at very competitive rates. We also supply safety glasses with all these activities which must be worn when playing a Nerf Battle or shooting at the range. For more information please contact the office on 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form

Nerf is a trademark for Hasbro Toys. We only use or rent genuine Nerf guns for our activities.

Charity shoot out event
Nerf top gun
Nerf guns ready for action
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