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Shooting ranges


We have three different styles of shooting ranges that can be used outdoors or indoors, in a sports hall or medium sized hall. The ranges can be used for paintballs (we use a Velcro ball), foam darts (Nerf darts), bazooka ball and Battlezone archery. They can be rented for a couple of hours or full days. The foam dart range can be hired with or without staff, The TOMB paintball range requires staff to run the event due to paintball markers being used. If you hire a range without staff then we will offer a short induction talk and demonstration when the ranges is delivered.

Paintball Target Range


The "TOMB" shooting range uses paintball markers (guns) and Velcro balls. The reason we don't use paintballs is the "mess" it would create and the clean-up issues. The Velcro balls are used to stick to a giant dart board and then the scores can be totalled. In addition to the Velcro dart board we often use hanging bottles and other objects to create a shooting gallery and points are scored for objects hit. On a safety point all players are required to use safety spectacles when using the paintball TOMB.

Please complete the enquiry form and we will supply a quote for your hire

Nerf target range

We have used the Nerf shooting range outdoors by placing the gallery in a 6m x 3m  gazeboo with netting on the outside to prevent the soft darts from shooting outside the area. This has proven popular as a additional activity to a laser tag event

Nerf guns ready for action

Battlezone Archery and Bazooka Ball Range


Our newest target range is designed for use with the Battlezone Archery bows or the Bazooka ball bows or guns.


Large balls are used which balance on air jets like the Nerf range. Ideal for medium size indoor venues or outdoor locations. The unit can be supplied inside a gazebo for inclement weather.

Bazooka Ball Logo FINAL 2015.png
Tomb paintball range
Tomb at a Scout week

Soft Foam Dart Shooting Range - NERF


Nerf guns are very popular and we have the ideal shooting gallery for Nerf players. The shooting gallery uses  an air jet to balance small balls and the idea is to knock the balls off. Sounds easy but the balls are contantly changing their balancing height. We can supply the unit ready for indoor use with or without Nerf guns. We have hired the unit to a cub group who encouraged  their members to bring ther own Nerf guns to use on the range.

At a weekend Scout camp with the Nerf range

The Nerf shooting range can be hired with or without staff but if you do hire the range we strongly suggest that all participants wear eye protection.


Hire can be arranged for an evening, half a day or several days for a youth camp or school event.

Battlezone Archery and Bazooka Ball range

Nerf is a trademark for Hasbro Toys.

We only use or rent genuine Nerf guns for

our activities.


If you are interested in renting one of our three target ranges please call 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form 

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