Woodland Paintball Games


Paintball is available at the two woodland venues. Powerplay Paintball at Brighouse and Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Centre  in Wakefield/Barnsley.  We do not offer off site paintball due to the infra-structure required for paintball , health and safety issues, insurance and the cost.


We offer half day and full day packages to suit all budgets and our packages include all the equipment you need to play paintball. 

Included in the game fee is the hire of the following equipment 

  •  Inferno semi-automatic marker or similar

  •  CO2  or compressed air

  •  Clean coverall 

  •  V-force paintball mask (or similiar)

  •  Hood 

  •  Battlepack 

  •  Paintball Pots 


All our paintball packages include a quantity of paintballs and full day packages include lunch which is usually Domino's Pizza. Packages start from £20/player

A  typical half day event would last 3 hours with 4-6 action packed games, full day events last 5-6 hours during which you would play 8-12 games on several varied scenarios.

We have four playing areas at the Brighouse venue and nine "maps" at the Wakefield venue. 

With paintball we have very strict age restrictions 


Minimum age is 12 years old (or 11 if in year 7 at school) to play paintball. A teacher, parent or guardian must attend the safety talk at the start of the session so they are aware of the risks involved with playing paintball.


In the case of school groups one teacher per team MUST play. These age restrictions are NOT negotiable as they are set by our insurance provider. For players under 11 we offer outdoor Laser Tag - same game areas as paintball but without the paintballs  !!

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The typical games played in a paintball session are

  • Capture the flag - Centre flag or two flag

  • Team Elimination

  • Search and destroy

  • Protect the President

  • Base assault

  • Sniper

  • Plus many more

Can you see anyone?

For further information about paintball packages and prices please contact the office on 07973 692379, email info@schoolactivitydays.com or use the enquiry form.