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Off Site Laser Tag Events.


With over 14 years experience organising off site games we can offer tailor made packages to suit your requirements. From 20 players to 180 players we can organise an action packed day at your school, college, scout camp or youth camp.

Inflatable game zone
Team play for a corporate event

Woodland events


Does your venue have a small woodland ?  If the answer is YES then we could organise an event in your woodland. 


By using inflatable barricades we can make the game more interesting.


All woodland venues are subject to a risk assessment inspection prior to setting up.

Indoors in a Halifax School
Evening event at a school

Typical Events


With full day sessions from 20-80 players we would run one inflatable game zone. If the number of players is 80-150 we would suggest two game zones to ensure players have plenty of games.


A format used by several schools is 30-40 players for 1 1/2 - 2 hours and then 3-4 of these sessions during the school day. This is ideal for end of term reward days.


We also offer half day sessions of approximately 3 hours and these can be in the morning, afternoon or evening.

School woodland laser game



In the case of inclement weather or if you would prefer an event indoors we can use a large sports hall


We have organised several events indoors at schools using the inflatable barricades and the standard laser taggers recloned for indoor play.


The range and power of the taggers is reduced due to the close quarters play.  


Groups from 20-60 can be accommodated using a competition format or small groups for just one hour is another option.




If your players are aged 6-8 years old we can arrange mini tag sessions using inflatable barricades.


These events can be on a field or indoors in a sports hall. Typically when running mini tag we would have a group of 10/20 players for 45-60 minutes and then change for another group.

Nerf Blasters ready
X marks the spot !!

All events are staffed by trained personel who have experience in managing small to large groups. All senior staff are DBS checked.  We operate an age restriction for standard laser tag – all players must be over 8 years old, this is mainly due to the weight and size of the taggers (guns). Players under 8 can play our mini tag version.


If you are interested in organising an off site laser tag please call 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form below. 

Enquiry Form

We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

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