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Mini tag is specifically designed for players in the 6-8 age range. Older players (teachers) are welcome to join in the FUN. The standard laser taggers are too bulky and heavy for this range of players so we use a mini tagger which is easier to handle.


The taggers can be set up as two/three teams or solo play. Each tagger is equipped with unlimited ammunition, fifteen seconds of shields and ten lives.


The games can be held

  • In woodland venues 

  • On a sports field or a playground

  • Indoors in a small/medium sports hall.

Do you want to organise your own event?


The mini taggers can be hired with or without barricades so you can organise and run your own event.


We send this equipment all over the UK via a local carrier,


Contact the office for more details or complete the enquiry form 

University Event in Leeds

If you are interested in organising a mini tag event at your location or hiring equipment please call 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form below. 


All events are staffed by trained personel who have experience in managing small to large groups. All senior staff are DBS checked.  We operate an age restriction for standard laser tag – all players must be over 8 years old, this is mainly due to the weight and size of the taggers (guns). Players under 8 can play our mini tag version.

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