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Imagine combining archery and dodge ball into an activity where you can shoot your friends with specially designed arrows - This is "Battlezone Archery". This adrenalin fuelled activity is now available at the Wakefield venue. We also offer a fully mobile service so we can come along to a  field or sports hall near you.


Two teams play an action packed game with specific aims and targets to achieve. The idea is to "tag" your opponent to score points. When a player is tagged they are eliminated from the game. There is a chance to respawn this player but you will need to achieve certain objectives. Ideal numbers for Battlezone Archery are 6-10 per side. Larger groups will be split into teams and a competition format used.

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All events are staffed by trained personel who have experience in managing small to large groups. All senior staff are DBS checked.  We operate an age restriction for Battlezone Archery. All players must be 12 years or older (year 7) this is due to the size of the bows and all players must wear full face masks.


If you are interested in organising an event at our Wakefield venue or off site at your location please call 07973 692379 or complete the enquiry form.