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We offer mobile events where we can run an event at your school, college or youth camp. The advantage with a mobile game is you save on transport to the woodland venues. This can be several hundred pounds for large groups. We offer events from one hour to full days and have organised week long events at Scout camps and offer multi activity options.


School Activity Days are important because it helps students stay physically active, develop interests in different types of activities and sports, builds teamwork and other social skills, and improves focus and academic performance.


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Solo Laser tagger
laser tag in a school woodland
indoor laser tag
juniors hiding in the ferns

Standard Laser Tag for ages 8+ Mini Tag for 6-8 year olds.

laser new logo.jpg
Family party group

We offer a fully mobile service using inflatable barricades which can be set up outdoors on a grassy field, in your own woodland, on astro turf or even a playground or indoors in a sports hall.


The off site events have proven very popular over the past 14 years running events throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Private event at a School
blasters ready for action
Sport Hall laser tag
orange hasbro blaster

Mini Tag for ages 6+


Due mainly to the size and weight of the standard laser taggers we have developed mini tag for ages 6+. We use light weight plastic taggers (gun) making it easy for use with junior players. We can organise games at woodland venues, indoors in a sports hall or on a school field/playground.


Mini taggers, and if required barricades, can be rented so that you can run your own activity sessions. We use a local carrier or our own transport to deliver the hire equipment. For more information please email the office or complete a contact form.

Junior Mini Tagger
Ready for action
You cant hide from me
Target Zone ready
Time to hide

Paintball Games


School Activity Days no longer offer Woodland Paintball Games. If you are looking for a paintball game please contact Paul or Sarah at Yorkshire Tactical Activities.

01226 414004


Fire !!
Bows at the ready
Aim and fire
Off site Battlezone Archery

Battlezone Archery - Do you have the hunger?

BZA logo2.png

Battlezone Archery is a new activity which is offered as a fully mobile option at your location using inflatable barricades.


Two teams fire specially designed arrows in an attempt to "tag" an opponent or hit targets placed in the game zone. For more information visit our Battlezone Archery page

Nerf Targey range for hire
Bazooka Ball Range
Tomb paintball shooting range

Standard Shooting Ranges


We have three shooting ranges that can be hired as part of a multi activity event or as a stand-alone shooting gallery. The TOMB is a paintball shooting range that uses "Velcro" paintballs instead of standard paintballs which would result in a "mess" to clean up, We also have a "Nerf Target" range specifically designed for use with soft dart guns (Nerfs), The third range is for use with the Battlezone Archery equipment or the "Bazooka ball" guns or bows. All three ranges can be used outdoors or indoors in a sport hall or similar. 

Soft Dart range on hire
Nerf guns at the ready
Nerf Private party indoors
nerf strongarm.jpg

Soft Dart Games 


We can supply soft dart games for indoor events using the inflatable barricades, the target zone for a top gun shooting event or both. We only use genuine Nerf guns at our events and supply the soft darts as part of a package. We have organised several events where players have been encouraged to bring and use their own Nerf weapons. We operate a strict safety rule that all players and spectators must wear eye protection which we supply. 

Knockout inflatable
Air rifles at Elsham
Huma table football

Looking for other activities ?


We work in conjunction with the Elsham Activity Centre in North Lincolnshire to offer additional activities both on site at Elsham and off site at your location. The Elsham Activity Centre has over 30 years' experience in supplying multi activity events to schools, colleges and corporate customers.

Elsham logo

On site and off site activities 

  • Total knock out using an inflatable course

  • Bubble Football

  • Team building challenges

  • Human Table football

  • Dodgeball

  • Battle Ballz

On site activities

  • Paintball games

  • Laser Tag

  • Mini Laser Tag

  • Air rifle and pistol target shooting

  • Junior Paintball

  • Battlezone Archery

  • Bazooka ball

assault course Elsham
BZ target
Bubble Football
School Logo

Additional Information


With over 25 years experience running paintball games and 14 years running Laser Tag events we have a wealth of experience supplying activity sessions to schools, colleges and youth groups. All our staff are trained in the relevant activity and all our senior staff are DBS checked and several of our staff have first aid training.


Paintball Experience Ltd has £10m public liability insurance which covers our on site events and all off site activities. We can supply copies of our insurance policies, DBS checks, safety talks, risk assessments etc via  a secure web page accessible by password.

We also arrange events at Elsham (North LIncolshire) in conjunction with the  Elsham Activity Centre and at the woodland venue in Haigh (Wakefield/Barnsley) with Yorkshire Tactical activities.


If you are interested in any of the activities please complete an enquiry form, telephone the office or send an email and we will tailor make a package to suit your requirements.


Registered Office
Paintball Experience Ltd
5 Waingap Crescent
OL12 8PX

Company Registration number 4819287
Telephone Number - 07973 692379


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